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As a core contact lens clinic, EyeQo is your one-stop shop for all your contact lens needs.

At EyeQo, we are a specialist contact lens clinic that specializes in the installation and dispensing of core contact lens. In addition to the usual vision issues, there are a variety of corneal conditions that require vision correction that cannot be achieved through eyewear or surgical procedures. To restore vision, we are able to fit and dispense a variety of specialty and standard contact lenses.


As a Leader in eye care and to provide compassionate vision care to all, by combining the most advanced technology. To create a center for excellence in eye care to eliminate avoidable blindness & to provide excellent and equitable eye care services.


Our mission is to educate people and spread awareness about various eye disorders. We are committed to incorporate latest technology and advancements in the eye care field to provide an overall better eye health.


Always put patients first. Always ensure patient confidentiality, safety and security. Always treat every patient with compassion and respect. We treat those we serve with kindness and compassion and respond to the needs of a diverse community.

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Why Choose EyeQo?

What makes our contact lens practice different?

Committed to excellence

Our dedication ensures clients experience superior care with outstanding outcomes.

Patient Centric Approach

At our contact lens clinic, patient satisfaction is of utmost importance.

Expert Eye Specialists

An experienced team of contact lens experts dedicated to providing top-quality patient care.


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