Pediatric Contact Lenses

The pediatric ophthalmologists of EyeQo provide contact lens fittings only for children with aphakia (absence of the crystalline lens secondary to the surgical removal of cataracts). Pediatric eye care is essential to your child's vision. Sometimes a corrective lens is needed. Pediatric contact lenses are fitted for eye conditions like amblyopia and anisometropia and are made for infants and toddlers. According to expert pediatrics eye care specialists, children above 12 years should not use pediatric contact lenses. EyeQo, is a contact lens clinic that offers eye checkups and treatment. Don't hesitate to contact our qualified optometrist to get solidified pediatric eye care matching your child's needs and lifestyle.

Parents, and even some doctors, are amazed that young children can tolerate contact lens wear. With diligence, it is not only possible, but also quite beneficial for the child. Our goal is to both provide excellent care as well as empower parents who will be involved with caring for the lenses. We will work with you to rehabilitate your child’s vision to the highest level possible and guide you in your role along the way.

Does My Child Need to Wear a Pediatric Contact Lens?

A parent may find it challenging when their child is not able to take care of eyeglasses. The glasses might keep falling off, breaking, and getting dirty.

  • If your child is experiencing eye irritation
  • If you have blurry vision
  • When eye dryness is constant

Eye Conditions In Children Where Contact Lenses Are Prescribed:

  • Aphakia
  • Aniridia
  • Amblyopia
  • Anisometropia

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